I love to solve problems. I enjoy using my expertise in design, typography, photography and art history to help you find the best solutions to represent your brand. I value the collaboration between my client and my creative team that achieves both artistic excellence and branding consistency. My ideal clients are small businesses, non-profits, creative professionals, social innovators, makers, environmentalists, and cooks. I love working with people who are passionate about their message and their product. Folks who enjoy the process, and like to keep communication open and honest. My clients have told me that I am a fun, creative, intuitive, and authentic person with whom to work. And I’m a stickler for good grammar. My mother taught me never to end a sentence in a preposition. Or maybe it was The New Yorker.

I like to meet in person to learn about the job – the logo, the art book, the Web site, et al. (I never charge for an initial meeting.) I don’t put my style on your thing. I give your thing the style that it needs to get to where you want it to go. If I have a personal style, it’s bold, conceptual and typographical. Never simply trendy. If you want your whiskey label to look gritty, authentic and high-end, I figure out how to tell that story, visually—so that like a billboard, the passer-by gets what that product is all about in less than 3 seconds. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions like, “Who’s your audience? What do you want to achieve? What’s your budget? What’s the deadline?” You should know that I am extremely deadline-oriented. I work great under pressure, and I’m a terrific multi-tasker. I ride my spin-bike in the morning while peeling ginger and reading Cooks Illustrated. Do you think I’m A.D.D.? Of course I am. Most creatives are. Those are the people you want to be with in an emergency, when the shit hits the fan. We thrive in chaos.

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